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You may be wondering why your website doesn’t rank as high as you would like or even worse as high as your competition. There is no magic sauce its very simple, your website isn’t optimized for the search engine spiders. They are not sure what to do once they get to your site and that is why they don’t properly “index” you. We test your website in our our tool to see if you are properly optimized for the search engines. The tool emulates a search engine spider coming to your website and scores you on how well your website is optimized. If your score is low, then you are missing out on the traffic and the sales that you would be getting from your website. That is where the Fairfax SEO Company you choose has to be an expert!

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We specialize in more visibility for less cost! What business wouldn’t want that? The next question is how can we offer that? The answer is simple: We raise your relevance for your main target keywords, improve your organic placement in the search engines(on the left side where 80% of people click) which drives more traffic to your site! Why does this cost less? Our clients typically spend a fraction with us compared to what they were spending on their PPC campaign. What they were spending in 2-3 months is what they spend with us over 12 months and they usually see 5 times the amount of traffic.

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Your website’s relevance is a key component. The more relevance your website has then the higher it will rank in the search engines. Your relevance is scored in four major categories- Traffic Rank, Coding , Content, and Link Popularity. Yes there are 100′s of other pieces to the puzzle but if you learn to master these four, your website will rank higher and that means MORE VISIBILITY!

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