[Local SEO] 5 Tips to boost your Local Rankings

No matter what your business size is you can benefit from a Local Listing on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are several factors that can not only boost your web presence but can help get your phone ringing and orders coming in more often.Local searches such as “Elderly Caregiver in Maryland” Or “Dog walker Manassas” can be found via the local maps section with a few edits to their local listing profiles. Try these out and watch your listings improve.
Tips to boost your local rankings
  1. Spread yourself like the plague- Making sure your address is on your website. If you own any other websites for your business make sure you include your main location on each website. Don’t forget if you have multiple business locations that you setup your local listings for those as well.
  2. Join your [Online] Community- Websites that relate to your business or your location that have forums or directories are great to list your business on. The search engines take into account your importance in your area by the mentions you receive on these websites.
  3. Don’t pass on the smaller guys- Yes Google does have a huge share of monthly searchers. However don’t forget the smaller players. There are still a large percentage of people using Yahoo and Bing search features. Don’t let your competition grab the searchers you might be missing.
  4. Encourage the happy customers-to leave reviews! There is no hiding the fact that your customers love your product and services than by showing the world. Just like links are votes for your websites reviews are visible votes. Having a few positive reviews will help the potential buy make their decision.
  5. Update your Whois- Many experts believe that having the most up to date contact information can help your local listings. Are your online properties matching? Making sure you have matching Local Listings and Whois information will help you grow in the rankings.
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