Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click(PPC): Command Sale Costs and Lead Numbers

The popularity of (PPC) Pay Per Click advertising is soaring due to its reputation for providing cost effective methods that boost a website’s sales and leads.

Pay Per Click offers:

– Calculable results,
– Flexible prices,
– Instant, qualified sales and leads.

With PPC’s 14 billion monthly Internet searches, this program provides answers and solutions. In addition, PPC management lets you put your products front and center for those who are looking for it.

Do you want to learn how to save money while increasing visibility?

We can help you by offering our expertise and experience in selecting profitable keywords, managing bids for ROI maximization, creating high-converting landing pages and PPC advertisements, and generating PPC campaign performance reports.

Pay Per Click Explained

Pay Per Click advertising allows campaigners to spend money in exchange for traffic that will click on the ads. Then, visitors are taken to the campaigner’s website on a CPC, or Cost Per Click, basis.

PPC campaigns are targeted and tailored. The advertisements are only displayed during related search queries. Therefore, only people who search for your particular service or product are shown the ad.

Content Networks and Search Networks: Two PPC Campaign Models

Bing, Google and Yahoo! are the Internet’s leading search engines.

For Content Networks, Pay Per Click ads are paired with keywords found within a website’s content. These advertisements are only posted on sites that request them, which can generate a significant amount of leads and sales. However, Content Networks can spiral out of control. This downside can be avoided if a skilled campaign manager creates, optimizes and tests the network.

Search Networks differ from Content Networks as the ads for Search Networks appear with search engine results. These advertisements, which are labeled “Sponsored Links,” are displayed immediately above a search engine’s organic listings.

Good PPC Practices

We follow preferred PPC practices.

Selecting the ideal keyword: Doing so involves an in-depth keyword analysis that spans beyond the typical Google keyword search. However, keyword expansion is only the tip of the iceberg. The goal is to analyze the keywords that provide the best results.

Creating PPC landing pages and leads for visitor conversion: A PPC campaign’s advertisements must bring in visitors, and the landing pages should convert the visitors. An ad’s success relies on forming several variations of the landing pages and each advertisement for testing purposes. Then, the campaign can be optimized.

Optimizing the bids: Paying more money does not encompass the bidding process. Your PPC strategy should be optimized according to the performance of each keyword. The main idea is maximizing the amount of leads and sales while spending as little money as possible.

Committing to continual optimization: Sales trends can change seasonally or even daily. Therefore, it is essential to constantly optimize each facet of your PPC campaign to ensure peak performance.

Measuring the results: One of the most fantastic aspects of Pay Per Click marketing is that it can be measured and tracked. By generating thorough analyses and reports, you will always be aware of how your PPC campaign is performing. And you can pinpoint ways to improve the campaign.

Solidify the Success of Your PPC Campaign

You can expect your PPC campaign to:

– Bring qualified leads, sales and traffic,
– Have easily manageable costs,
– Offer instant, calculable results,
– Provide highly targeted placements.

The SEO Dream Team Can Deliver. Our PPC campaign management team will:

– Boost lead and sale numbers
– Decrease advertising costs
– Exceed your current campaign’s ROI from 30-50%

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