Pay Per Lead

Looking for a no cost start up solution? Do you need leads but don’t want to worry about the SEO of your own website? Then our PPL(Pay Per Lead) solution is for you! We take on all of the risks and you get to enjoy the rewards. Our PPL method will bring you EXCLUSIVE leads live. We get your phone ringing with actual clients who are ready for your services. Have questions? Give us a call today to discuss getting a campaign started today!

Sign Up Today – Have your phone ringing tomorrow!

This method is very popular for our smaller clients.  We find that when a business is first starting up funds might be tight.  Our PPL model is perfect because you don’t have to wait months for your website to start ranking.  We can have leads calling you within 24 hours.  If you would like to do a sample campaign give us a call.

Enjoy the benefits of No Contract, No Startup Fees and Exclusive Leads!

We often are given the question “Why should I sign up for PPL”.  Getting started is simple and our team is ready to help you get started.  It is a simple as giving us a list of services you offer and the cities you service.  We handle getting your phone to ring and tracking all of your leads.  At the end of each week, we provide you with a summary of your calls as well as a recording for your review. Here are some more of the benefits of our pay per lead services.


  • Live leads: No more competing to call a lead back.
  • Leads are transferred live
  • Leads are exclusive to your business and not shared
  • Low cost
  • No deposit
  • No risk, only pay for leads that have already been delivered
  • Never exceed your budget, you can set weekly or monthly lead limits
  • Try before you buy – free trial leads are available in certain niches, call to see if you qualify!
  • We can scale up the lead volume to meet your needs

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